Vincent Callebaut

Vincent Callebaut is a Belgian architect who has done a series of self-sustainable and ecological designs which I find really interesting and inspiring in terms of our floating city project.


Aequorea is an oceanscraper which is 3D printed from the world’s recyclable waste which would float off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. It would be a complex made from 1,000 towers and 250 floors. It would be able to house up to 20,000 people and would be completely self-sustainable.

Taking inspiration from a type of bio-luminescent jellyfish, Aequorea would have webbed ‘tentacles’ which would allow it to swim, ensuring it’s stability and allowing it to generate it’s own power through kinetic power generators and wave energy.


This design from 2008 was aimed to be a living solution for ‘ecological refugees’ whose homes had been destroyed by climate change. Each lily pad would be able to house 50,000 people and would have a series of mountains and marinas dedicated to housing, work and the arts to ensure that culture would still thrive in these new living areas.

In the centre of this design is an artificial lagoon which would collect and purify rain water for the inhabitants to live off and use for farming and many other functions. I think that this concept could also be implemented in our end design as clean water is a basic need and vital for the sustainability of our floating city.


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