Return With The Elixer

Yesterday we presented our summary for The Writer’s Journey and it went pretty well over all! I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so had been nervous in case I wouldn’t make it in to present, but thankfully I was able to! Unfortunately, Cliodhna wasn’t able to present due to unforeseen circumstances, and although we weren’t as prepared as I had originally hoped, Jack was able to present Cliodhna’s section of the presentation well!

Looking Back

I enjoyed this assignment from the moment I saw that the chapters my group had were focusing on archetypes as this is an aspect of film and stories that I’m really interested in, and because of this I wanted to really throw myself in to the project, but this was a wee bit hard since it’s the start of the semester and I’m still trying to get in to the routine of everything!

Overall though, I thought that (even though we split the task up) we worked well as a team since we helped each other with aspects we found challenging and communicated well through out the project, for example:

While working on our slides for the presentation, Gianni and Cliodhna were having a bit of a hard time wrapping their heads around the concepts within the book as they’re quite vague (the herald especially, as it isn’t necessarily a person, it can be an event or object relevant to the story!) Jack sent an overview of archetype’s within the hero’s journey in to our group chat to help them out a bit and I thought it was really helpful too, with the examples given and how much they simplified it, but Gianni was still a bit lost since there was no examples for herald within the page so I spent some time explaining it to him (and I’ll admit… getting confused with him) and were able to figure out what this archetype actually meant and examples of the herald archetype in stories


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