Oceanscrapers and Lily Pad Cities

A concept I came across while looking for inspiration was the idea of cities floating on water, much like The Ark in Brink which I speak about in this blog post, which are being referred to as “oceanscrapers” and are a lot like icebergs with their shapes and designs. After sharing the designs which have inspired me most with this concept to my group, we have decided to stick with the ocean being where our city floats, which I’m really happy about as it means that we have more focused ideas of what to do for concepts and designs.

The reasoning behind the plans for cities floating on water is to help lower population density by expanding the areas we have to live in to the  71% of the Earth’s surface which is covered by water and creating economically autonomous nations which are sustainable and provide clean living for it’s inhabitants.

Some of the most interesting and inspiring designs for this style of future living are by the Belgian artist Vincent Callebaut who I speak about in a lot more detail in this post as well as the floating cities which were designed AT Design as a solution for China’s increasingly crowded coastlines.

AT Design’s concept would be made from pre-fabricated blocks which could be moved in order to fit the communities needs and would have large docks to allow travel between themselves and the rest of the world.



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