Assignment 1: Floating City

Today we had our first class for Imaging and Data Visualisation this semester and we were  given our first assignment.

  • Floating City created entirely in Maya.
  • Data Visualisation
  • May or may not be self-sustaining.
  • 50% of this module
  • Presentation on 11/03/16
  • Submitted on 14/03/16

Our first assignment for this semester is to create a floating city based on the population and culture of Rome. We should get a sense of this before we design our cities and ensure that this population could live and thrive in the city we design; looking at the division of wealth, the employment sectors and salary breakdowns, the culture, the pets and wildlife, and the cities waste.

The only wrong answer is if the city is gripping to the ground or isn’t floating, other than that we should go wild and be as ambitious as possible with our city.

After today’s class, my group (Jack Creaner, Lina Janaviciute, and Bethnay Maguire) met up and made a huge list of things that our group should research over the course of this assignment.

This list includes everything from the nature and environment, to laws on architecture, Rome’s history and traditions. As well as this we’re going to research ways to make the city self sufficient in terms of food, energy and healthcare etc.



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