Assignment 1: Vogler Presentation

Yesterday was the start of a new semester aand we’re right back at it again!

Assignment 1 – 10%

  • Summary presentation: Pages 49-68; 5-6 minutes max.
  • Blog posts showing what we cover individually and how we work as a group
  • Presenting on 02/02/16
  • Submitted by 07/02/16

Our first assignment for this module is a group presentation on the book ‘The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers’ by Chris Vogler to summarise it (so we don’t all have to try and read the whole book by next Tuesday…)

I’m in a group with Jack, Gianni and Cliodhna and we have pages 49-68 (chapters 5-8 of book one – focusing on the threshold guardian, herald, shapeshifter and shadow archetypes) so the plan is to split the chapters up between us and each work on a section! Even though we plan to all read each of the chapters, we thought that this would be the easiest way to spread out the workload.

Because the presentation is on Tuesday morning, we’re going to meet up on Monday to run through everything and make sure it’s all okay and makes sense (and hopefully calm my nerves about presenting a bit?)


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