Going Back to the Worlds

Over the break I had a chance to do some pieces based on or inspired by the worlds I worked on over the semester, and having time to do pieces purely for my own enjoyment was really nice!

Here I used inks to mess around with some colour theory, for Hourglass World, I also added some of the characters from our animatic to the first piece.

I wanted to play about with styles here a bit. This character from Marble world is meant to be a child so in the first piece I wanted to draw her more child like while experimenting with my own style. I changed her outfit slightly as I felt this was more fitting to the time period the character is based on.

During this project there was an integral need for cohesion between out styles so on the second piece I wanted to draw Lorna in my own style. I wanted her to look excited but also wanted the piece to have some context, so this was based on how I imagined she would have reacted the first time she was told that there was other layers to her world than just her own.

In the last piece I wanted to draw Lorna with a creature from the second or third layer, unfortunately I got a bit carried away and forgot about the other character that was meant to be in the scene and did the background!



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