Marble Slide Advances

Today Rebecca showed us her slide designs and we were all totally behind the idea and ready to roll with this idea and develop it further.

rebecca sketch

There would be more than one slide to allow the layers to compete against each other,  and the losers of each round would be eliminated leaving an overall winner for the game. Characters start off at the podium at the top of the slide and whichever makes it to the finish line at the bottom of the slide first is the winner of that round. For right answers you will be taken the shorter route to the next question, wrong answers will take you the longer/ scarier route and if you don’t answer a question you will be made to go round in circles until you do answer!

One of the main problems we had when trying to come up with the game was that there is a MASSIVE size difference between characters from each layer so Rebecca came up with the idea that the characters could each have a cart that is specific to them, but this got me thinking, would characters go down the slide at once? Would there be more than one slide? would different cart sizes give some an advantage?


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