Culture of the World

As the culture of the world is important for this assignment, we went back through the weeks to see what’s what in the world.

This world is made up of 4 layers with each layer becoming more chaotic and strange as you go through the layers.

First Layer

  • Humanoid characters with a society and social hierarchy.
  • Pristine little village with mountains in the background.
  • Light blue and bright colours throughout this layer.

Second Layer

  • Characters more animalistic.
  • Mountains turning more bumpier and has a dark atmosphere.
  • Greens blues make this layer.

Third Layer

  • Characters have become slightly eerie and evil.
  • Mountains turning slightly volcanic and ruined buildings.
  • Reds and blacks make this layer.

Fourth Layer

  • Evil chicken guy lives here. (his story is yet to come)
  • volcanoes and no buildings.
  • Dark Blues and purples make this layer.



In order to make our game make sense within the world we have to know about the characters.


Character sheet via Eoin


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