Motion Graphic

After presenting our animatics, we were moved groups for the first time in forever (read: 3 weeks) and new projects as well!

This week, I’m on Sound World with Ryan, Michelle and John and our task is to create a motion graphic of some sort featuring sound and typography. Kirstin filled my group in on what had been happening on this world, and I really liked the narrative that had developed.

ks eq.png

Equaliser by Kirstin Andrews

In this world, characters are based of the type of sound that created them, the main ones that the world have been focusing on are pop, rock and techno, and the main character, Equaliser, was created by pop but hates it, and is searching to find the sound that fits her right.

This is what we’re basing our motion graphic of. Our plan is to create a movie or tv intro based that summarises the narrative using basic shapes and typography, though we haven’t decided what exactly is going to happen in the piece yet.


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