War or Worship: Progressing with Storyboards

For the narrative of our world we decided to have the Timekeeper drop the hourglass, causing it to fall and crack. He would then be sucked in to the world and have to choose which direction to take; one which would lead him to the bright, positive side where the characters viewed him as a kind God and worshipped him, or the other which was dark and filled with creatures who felt their God had abandoned them, causing them to turn on him when he appeared.

As this was quite a long story line (with alternate endings) we decided to split things up, Claire worked on the beginning of the story with the time keeper looking in to the hourglass and seeing the world, I did the scene of him dropping the hourglass, Dervla worked on the possible ending of him being attacked by the evil creatures while Bethnay  worked on the alternative with him being worshipped by the creatures.

Here’s what we came up with:


Storyboard by Claire



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