Graphic Design: David Carson and Massimo Vignelli

Yesterday my group met up to practice our presentation and run through what each of us planned to say for the slides we were doing. This gave us an opportunity to review the presentation and make sure that each slide we had was relevant and interesting and that as a whole it was neither too long nor too short.

As a group I think that we found this very helpful as it made us realise how prepared we were for our presentation and so it became less daunting. I read over the notes I had made for each of the slides I was presenting to make sure that they stuck in my head and I wasn’t too reliant on them during the presentation today.

I was very happy with how smoothly the presentation went and am very proud of myself and my team mates who I know found the idea of presenting in front of everyone fairly daunting. I know that I tripped over a few words but I think that I was able to recover well from it.

Michael Bass gave us some great feedback saying that our presentation was well structured and informative, he did however point out that having our notes up with us caused us to get lost a few times, this was something I had been aware of myself and hope to improve on so that I can present next time without any notes in front of me


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