Photography – Top 6

After narrowing the photos down to just 25 per category I then had to choose my favourite photos for each category and actually figure out what it was I liked about them each (which is definitely easier said than done)

Depth of field
I found it really difficult to get a good example of depth of field when I was focusing on it. For this photo I set my camera on the grass and kind of just hoped for the best. I’m really proud of how this turned out.

DSC_0326 I love the story this photo tells. The had just walked out of a shop and called her dog who came sprinting down to her and she attached his lead and just kept walking. They seemed so comfortable and I think this comes across in the composition of the photo and the mood.

DSC_0757 I feel like this photo is intriguing and tells a story with the books in the background and muted colours which is why I like it



DSC_0764 I picked this photo as the texture on the statue makes her look more more attractive and added character to her. If the paint wasn’t flawed and she’d been brand new and pristine I wouldn’t have taken the photo.


DSC_0202 I feel like the tonality of a picture really adds to its character which is why I chose this photo.Even though the photo is just a bunch of random junk used in a display in a vintage shop with no emotional significance to me, the tonality of it makes me strangely nostalgic.

 I feel like the colour in this piece paired with the composition really adds to the mood of this picture and help to tell a story with it.


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