Colour Pieces

Here are my finalised pieces for colour this week.

With these I was experimenting with using watercolours firstly in a limited palette and then after using cooler colours to shade the warm colours used in the rocks. I feel that these pieces could be better but I am glad I experimented with this style.

On the left I was trying to use warmer colours near the front of the image to add depth to the piece. These colours are very highly saturated and while I do like the effect I achieved with these markers, I know I have room for improvement.

On the right I attempted to replicate one of Niamh Lynn’s pieces from last week. However her blog is private and so I can’t link the image to give her the full credit her work deserves.

hourglass finished

My digital pieces are by far my favourites, I like the style I used for it which reminds me a bit of 8 bit cartoons and the colours are inspired by those I created on Adobe Capture, they are not however done in these palettes as when I tried to stick with the palettes created the pieces seemed even less realistic and lacked depth (I know understand why Conánn hadn’t recommended using this process!)

I know that the buildings are very out of place within the scenes I have done but this is something I hope I have a chance to work on and improve upon over the course of this semester!


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