Limit Yourself

When working on the tonality pieces this week it was important to first figure out how tonal pieces worked.

For me it’s hard to imagine scenes without colour, but as Conánn told us, pieces can work with good tonality and little colour as the tonality is what adds depth to your work.  Limiting yourself to just a few shades will force you to think about the placement within the piece and help you improve.

When researching tonality I found that  “value refers to the relative lightness or darkness of things independent of colour (as in a black and white photograph), tonality has to do with the way colours unify,” tone in a piece is used to create the illusion of depth in the piece, objects are usually darker or more saturated when they’re in the foreground. In order to draw attention to things within a drawing there should be an extreme contrast between the tones next to eachother, for example white next to black.

Below are some examples of tonality pieces I found really helpful when doing my own work.



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