After presenting our finalised character designs to the class, we changed projects again! This week, our group hasn’t changed, so I’m with Dervla, Michelle and Rebecca again.

We’re now working n the Dyson Sphere/ Raindrop world that Eoin’s group was working on last week. At first I was a bit confused as to what this world actually was but this was cleared up for us by Eoin who gave us the back story to the world and explained the hierarchy of characters.

However, since this group had changed about the world and combined the Dyson Sphere and the raindrop we weren’t actually too sure of what this world would look like! This world is like a raindrop with a sun in the centre of it, and there are 5 layers, only one of which is habitable by the creatures living in this world, we thought about how plant life would survive in only water and looking back through the projects, Rhea had been looking at this the first week when this world was just a wee idea.

rhea sketchbook

Pages from Rhea’s Sketchbook

Then we began to think about how they would get the materials needed to build the robotic creatures that had been designed by the previous group. We settled on the idea that meteors and asteroids would hit the external ice layer of the world, causing them to slow down enough that they would come to a stop within the habitable water, allowing the creatures to extract materials from them and plant life to grow on them. We also decided that the creatures could possible have homes built on/ within these asteroids/ meteorites after they’d gotten all the useful materials from them.



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