Tonality Research

After deciding about our plans for this world, we began to do some research. We’ve decided that this world will have 5 layers:

  • First layer: Sun at the world’s core; like an underwater volcano.
  • Second layer: Condensation like clouds for the world – heat from the sun evaporates all water.
  • Third layer:  Boiling water ‘sky’ between the condensation and the liveable water. Few creatures can actually live here.
  • Fourth layer: Habitable layer with the creatures of this world. Air bubbles and meteorite pieces.
  • Fifth layer: External layer, rocks and ice with holes from where the asteroids have hit.

As a group we began to research underwater concept art so we would have an idea of how the light would vary through the water  and how it would affect the tones in the water. We noticed that a common aspect of work based in underwater scenes was that things became less focused and seemed to have a mist over them in the backgrounds of the pieces.

In order to get an idea of what the planets core would be like we looked at what lava would look like underwater and found this video:

I researched meteorites and asteroids to try and discover the differences between them, asteroids are large and rocky, often seeming more like large piles of rubble and same goes for meteors,with the names varying on whether or not they enter the earth’s atmosphere. Comets are more metallic and often are made up of ice and dust particles.



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