Character Creation

Today our group sat down to discuss our ideas for what our characters could be and their purpose within this world. We have decided that the designs should be simplistic so that the characters can be drawn by all team members as well as by the groups that’ll have this project after us.

In order to give the characters a reason for being there, we did have to alter the storyline a wee bit. Now, instead of the tree stump being actual literal Hell where people are punished for what they’ve done during their lifetime, it’s a sort of a ‘wishing tree’ that can be summoned by humans through rituals or which appears at certain times of the year.

Humans are able to enter this world after it appears to them and each ring presents them with a challenge, which if they succeed allows another of their wishes to be granted, but if they fail will cause hem to be trapped in that layer for eternity, eventually morphing to become one with the environment around them.

We have decided to stick with our idea for characters going from very humanoid to animalistic and to focus on the gatekeepers for each layer. I’m very interested in this world and like how it’s progressing along with my group.


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