Welcome to Hell (Research)

After getting Hell World I began to look in to Dante’s Inferno as it was one of the main inspirations for the previous group and found that each layer of hell had a different setting and this really interested me as I wondered what would happen if you had committed sins of different levels of severity and how the landscape would influence character design.

After talking with my group we decided that the Hell Tree would only be visible at certain times of year as this fit in with a lot of Pagan lore and also that people would go looking for it, hoping that if they were able to complete tasks given by the gatekeepers of each ring they would be granted anything they asked for. The flip side being that if they failed a task they would be stuck in that ring for eternity as gatekeeper (or at least until someone else failed and took over their place. Then they would be a soul tortured within the ring)

wpid-dsc_1315.jpg wpid-dsc_1316.jpg wpid-dsc_1293.jpg wpid-dsc_1297.jpg
wpid-dsc_1295.jpg  wpid-dsc_1294.jpg


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