Character Design

As well as presenting our main idea of the world we had created in Creative Elements this week, we changed projects and each group had one member change. I was that person and I joined a new group with Michelle, Rebecca and Dervla.

I instantly loved the project we were given which was based on the concept of Hell’s Rings from Dante’s Inferno but in a tree stump. Kirstin explained their idea and we began to look in to the idea as a group. The challenge we were set this week was to design characters to inhabit the world that was given to us, and as each ring of hell has a different theme we had a lot of scope for what we could do.

We decided that the characters would shift from vaguely humanoid to very demonic or animalistic as you went deeper in to hell and made a list of animals that we felt related to each sin. We then thought it would be a good idea to divide the work load and each tackle a couple of different rings of Hell. I chose Limbo and Violence as they were at quite opposite ends of the scale and I thought this would be interesting however it meant I was designing a total of 4 characters as Violence is split in to 3 smaller rings for murderers and tyrants, suicides and those who had been violent towards God or nature.

For Limbo the character design with be very humanoid as it is the first ring of Hell, we plan on making it a ghost like human while Violence is on the other end of the scale with designs based on snakes, rats and goats.


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