Presenting World Ideas

This week in Creative Elements we had to present a finalised idea of our world to the class. My group had 2 world concepts which we were equally happy with and so decided to give the next group the option to chose either of these.

The first concept we had was an egg that had cracked and been left so long that it became mouldy and this mould crystallised. In this world all structures, creatures etc would be made from this crystal mould. The egg yolk would be a light source for the world and also the richer area of the world while the egg white would be the poorer area

Our second concept was a world where forests were like oceans, in that the deeper in to the forest you went the bigger the trees would be, the darker it would be and the stranger/ creepier/ bigger the creatures would be. We also thought that creatures and plants in the darker forests could be bio luminous like in the deeper parts of the ocean.

I found it very difficult to move on from this project and also from the group I was working with for it, but think that the change will allow me to push myself









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