Life Drawing – Week One

As a part of the Creative Elements module we have weekly life drawing sessions. I had never done life drawing before and so was a bit nervous about how I would find it and whether or not my drawing abilities would be at the level I hoped they would be.

We did a series of 1 minute drawings and gesture drawings and our Life Drawing instructor gave us a lot of tips through out the session which I found really helpful, we were encouraged to draw from our shoulders to free up out lines and make the poses more dynamic, and told to stay away from sketchy lines and opt for s and c curves instead and they are more natural looking and again help portray the movement in our sketches. As well as this, the models stood on a podium with a grid on the floor, Mike told us that this was to help us with perspective, as following the grid squares would make it easier to place the models and make the pose more realistic and natural.

I really enjoyed life drawing and am hoping that as the semester progresses my skills will improve.

Here are some of the sketches I did:

wpid-img_20151009_200533.jpg wpid-img_20151009_200504.jpg wpid-img_20151009_200433.jpg wpid-img_20151009_200607.jpg wpid-img_20151009_200448.jpg wpid-img_20151009_200545.jpg


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